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Let the Pros Handle Your Tree

Tree Experts in Aurora, IN & Cincinnati, OH

The crew members of Aurora, IN & Cincinnati, OH MMM Tree Service bring years of experience to our tree cutting and removal services. Whether your tree has been struck by a storm or the more gradual effects of age, you can trust us to remove it quickly and safely.

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3 reasons to have a tree removed

Here are three common reasons for hiring MMM Tree Service to remove a tree:

1.It's reached the end of its life cycle. Not all species of tree will live for a hundred years or more. Consult one of our qualified experts to determine the expected age of your tree, and have it removed before it becomes dangerous.

2.It's suffered lightning damage. If your tree has been struck by lightning, it's unlikely that it can't be salvaged. Call our crew to remove it immediately.

3.It's suffered wind damage. Just one or two broken branches can mean the end of your tree's life. Don't wait for it to rot and fall on your car - get in touch with our tree removal service.

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