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You wouldn't say you had a green thumb, and you definitely don't know the first thing about the trees in your Cincinnati area yard. You don't know how to tell if your tree is healthy, whether it's stable or diseased or if you should remove a few limbs here and there. That's where we come in. MMM Tree Service in Aurora, IN, Cincinnati, OH, Cleves, OH & Harrison, OH can help you maintain the trees in your yard. We can remove trees completely, or even help you clean up after a storm.

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4 reasons to have your tree trimmed

Need a yard improvement? Keeping your trees trimmed can be great for the appearance of your lawn and the safety of your home. Here are a few reasons to consider hiring a professional tree trimming service:

  1. Tree limbs are obstructing pathways
  2. Your tree's branches are broken or unstable
  3. Your tree looks unkempt
  4. Your tree's limbs are diseased

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Rely on the tree experts in Aurora, IN, Cincinnati, OH, Cleves, OH & Harrison, OH

MMM Tree Service has been operation for over 10 years, improving the lawns of Aurora, IN and the greater Cincinnati area. We are fully insured, and we are dedicated to providing safe and meticulous tree care services to beautify and protect your lawn and home.

Choose MMM Tree Service to improve the health of your trees in Aurora, IN & Cincinnati, OH area.

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